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Meet the Encinitas couple who is creating a one of a kind experience for the North County community.


With backgrounds in sport and psychology, Chris and Lisa Sinkovich are uniquely equipped to help you Find Your Flow.



Chris grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio around sports, playing soccer, basketball, and swimming. By middle school, he had decided to focus on swimming and achieved his goal of being a Division 1 collegiate athlete, receiving a scholarship from the University of Cincinnati.  Despite the demands of swimming, he graduated in 4 years, with a degree in Business Economics.  After college, he began competing in triathlons and qualified for a national championship race in Oceanside CA in October of 1998. Chris decided to pack up his bikes and his life, and he moved to north county San Diego just prior to that race.  


Day 1, Chris landed a job at Nytro Multisport, the global leader in Triathlon equipment and services. He spent the next 8 years working with top level athletes, world champions and weekend warriors alike, to help them achieve their goals, whether to win Ironman World Championships for the pros, qualify for the same race for age group athletes, or complete their first triathlon for newbies.  


In 2006, Chris left Nytro to start a distribution company called Sports Multiplied with two partners. Initially, they formed to introduce the Australian sports apparel brand, 2XU, to the US market, but they later added additional brands to the portfolio.  Chris spent 8 years as Sales Director, working closely with sales reps and retail stores to introduce, sell and grow 2XU.  He then transitioned to lead the online strategy for four years and work closely with large accounts such as Amazon and Zappos. During his time at 2XU, he led a number of product training clinics, specifically highlighting the physiological benefits of 2XU Compression. 


Chris loves spending time with their two kids, whether it’s playing games, riding bikes, or coaching one of their sports teams. He enjoys helping others achieve their goals, as well as connecting people to other like-minded individuals who can help each other, and build a stronger community of health, wealth and of course fun!

Lisa grew up in a small farm town in Iowa. She has always had a passion for sports and making the world a better place by helping others.  She moved away from the farm and attended Arizona State University, graduating with a B.S. in Psychology and minor in Sociology . 


Lisa obtained her M.A. in Clinical Psychology, with honors, from Pepperdine University where she specialized in counseling elementary school. Lisa held the position as Director of Clinical Administration at The Drake Institute in Los Angeles, California.  She was responsible for the clinical administration of all of the Southern California clinics which specialized in a non-drug approach (Neurofeedback) working with children & adults who suffered from ADHD, Autism or learning disabilities.


In addition to clinical experience, she also has business experience. She was a Project Coordinator at Stanford University overseeing a $1.5 million dollar research grant, and was responsible for the overall management of the project called Coping Matters. After the project was complete, she was apart of a very small computer startup team, company called  Lisa was responsible for business development.  Within 6 months, WebAppoint was acquired by Microsoft, which lead her to recruitment at Microsoft. Since then she has several years of experience in the staffing industry doing recruitment and client services/sales duties.


Lisa’s ran track competitively in Iowa, qualifying for the State Track meet, and has completed over 10 marathons and finished the Hawaii Ironman World Championship Triathlon. Lisa's love for life is an example and guiding influence for those seeking to recognize and achieve their goals.  

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